September 9, 2009

School is in session!!!

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Well, school has started and we are entering a new season. Each year, I express to my martial arts students that the beginning of school represents a fresh start.  The same is true for those of us in the working world. As you enter the final quarter of the year, are you setting short term goals for the next three months, or at least evaluating your existing goals as to where you are compared to where you want to be?

Excellence, success, and happiness never takes a vacation. Where is it that you are working to be on purpose? Just a little food for thought, I hope your hungry!

Create a great day for yourself….


September 1, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

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It has been a month and 2 days since my last blog. I have been busy in many areas over the past month. I have been doing speaking engagements, promoting my new book, running my martial arts school, and getting my son off to college. He is pursuing his masters degree in music performance. While I am truly happy for him, the fact that he is pursuing this degree at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, will be a bit harder than going to UW-Whitewater (2 hours away) to go and watch his performances. He just drove 4,500 miles on his motorcycle (1997 BMW R1100RT) to get there. He says it was beautiful even though he rode much of the trip in the rain. He was in awe of the natural beauty of this country as well as Canada and Alaska.

When you are 23 years old and going to college, you have a couple very precious gifts at the same time that will rarely happen at the same time as you get older. These gifts are, time and individual freedom. After college (and during school) you will possibly have a job, relationship, and other situations where others have their hands on your time.

It is important to consider taking advantage of opportunities in your life as they come your way, even if it is outside your comfort zone- healthy risks if you will.  All decisions you make and don’t make, have a value to you so enjoy the process…..

No matter your lot in life, you are your greatest asset so always remember, it is great to be you!

Talk again soon………

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