February 22, 2011

The CEO of your life

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ALthough I try to distance myself from the news media on a daily basis due to the constant pumping of negative news and energy, it is impossible to not understand that much of the world is experiencing crisis at previously unseen levels. With leaders throughout the world under the microscope, I suggest that you should take a real hard look at the leader in your company called life, and that leader is you! Yes, you are the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) in your life. How is your company doing? Is it where you think it should be at this point in your life? Are you growing in the right direction? Are you falling behind?

As you see in many countries throughout the world, there is a real discontent with “Busines as usual” and complacency. It appears as though people are not content to be kept from maximizing their potentials.

Are you maximizing your potentials or are you content to believe that good enough is good enough? Do you believe that since “it has always been this way” you should just give up your dreams and do what you have always done because you have always done it?

Since you are 100% responsible for your company (You) and it’s future, might I suggest to you that you stay focused on two visions everyday. First, where is my company right now? Secondly, if it is not yet where it should be, what needs to be done to get it there?

At times of crisis or conflict, it is those that have a goal and a STRATEGY in place to achieve that goal who usually end up exactly where they have decided to be; on purpose!

Just a little food for thought, hope your hungry.

Win the day


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